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About Us

Michael P. Schneider ext. 105

Our co-founder and President, a former United States Air Force Police Officer, Desert Storm Veteran. He as been in the Law Enforcement/ Asset Protection field for nearly 25 years. Michael specializes in Access Control and CCTV. Michael is EMT, Instructor for the American Red Cross and Heart Association. He holds a degree in Business Management from Jamestown Community College. In his time away from the office he is a soccer referee and instructor. He resides in Olean with his family, and their two dogs. 

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Jason M. Geise ext. 100

Our co-founder and Vice-President, Jason has been in the Security field for nearly 25 years. He holds a degree from Jamestown Community College in Nursing. Jason specialized in Fire Life Safety and Event Planning. He resides in Olean with his wife and four children. 

Jamie L. Rocque ext. 102

Works in our Sales department. Who is also in charge of our Emergency Medical Services program as an EMT.  She holds a degree in History from Grand Canyon University. She is known for her honesty, integrity and going the extra mile for her customers.  She is a noted Historian and public speaker on the Civil War. She resides in Olean with her family and their two dogs. 

Jennifer B. Geise ext. 100

Jennifer is our Administrative Assistant in charge of the office. She has a security background and has been a EMT for the last 20 years.

William Burton

William is our computer guy. If its broke he can fix it... 

Michael Powell

Michael  was one of our first people, from the operations side that we know we wanted,  We got our man. His experience and knowledge is above reproach.  Michael will run our Buffalo, NY operations